What to eat the night before the triathlon?

What to eat the night before the triathlon?

Before the race, this is probably the biggest question.

Here’s a few tips on how to prepare what to eat before the triathlon:

i) Practice what to eat

Other than practicing for the race day with your training gear, you should practice what you eat as well. Everyone is different and therefore you need to find out what works or doesn’t work for your stomach.

Stay away from food that is too fatty or greasy (pizza, fries etc.) or food that has lots of fibers.

Most people recommend eating carbs before hand. You can have pasta, grain or carb loaded food. If you practice what to eat before a long training day, on the night before race day you will know what works for your stomach.

ii) Hydration is king

Keep drinking plenty of fluids the day before the race. If you lose as much as 1% of your body weight in fluid, it can decrease performance up to 10% (and you will feel pretty crappy).

Keep sipping water throughout the day. Make sure your urine is clear ;).

If you are racing in hot or humid climate where you will be sweating a lot, you can take some salt as well.

For me, I tend to keep the meals pretty light before race day. White bread and peanut butter. Lots of juice. I am not a heavy sweater so I don’t drink Gatorade or other fluid replacement drinks. I will have pasta on the night before at 6 pm. If I am hungry, I will eat fruits (banana, orange etc.).


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